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To this day, Plastic Bertrand has sold more than 20 millions of album throughout the world.

His songs are performed by the greatest American bands such as Sonic Youth, The President of The United States, Leyla Kaye (Prince) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and are also choose as the soundtracks of films like «The Wolf of Wall Street» (Leonardo di Caprio / Martin Scorsese), Three Kings (George Clooney), Me Myself and I, Jackass The Movie, ...

His international career is acclaimed throughout the world: 15 gold records, 5 platinum records, Billboard Award (USA), Grand prix de l’Académie Française (France), Prix Sabam (Belgium), Rolls Royce Cup (Italy), Grand Prix du Midem (International), Who’s who of the year (International).

Coca Cola Asia and Pepsi Cola America has chosen «Ça plane pour moi» for their advertising campaign in their territories.

Plastic was born in Brussels, on the 24th of February 1954, of a French father and Ukrainian mother. He is a musician, songwriter, producer, editor, television presenter.


Aged only nine, he is a singer and a drummer in the first group he forms with the boy scouts, the «Buffalo Scouts Band», who performs some Rolling Stones’ covers.He then forms «The Pelicans» who performs successfully in parties. Later on, «The Pelican» change their name into «Passing the time» and perform in all the bars, clubs and festivals at the Dutch and Belgian coast, and are finally hired by Radio Veronica, the legendary pirate radio.

At the same time, he continues his education at the Music Academy where he learns music theory and percussion. He passes his degree at the «Athénée Adolphe Max» While awaiting his admission to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, he spends a year at the St Luc Institute studying design.


In 1973, he eventually enters at the Conservatory, the superior school of music, where he will study music theory, percussion and music history. Shake by the Punk movement, he creates the «Hubble Bubble» band, and shares his time between his study at the Conservatory, the rehearsals and concerts of his band, and his work as a stage manager at the «Theatre des Galeries».

In 1975, the eponym album «Hubble Bubble», heavily trash, is finally released.Plastic is featured as songwriter, singer and drummer under the name of Roger junior. But coming back from a rehearsal, the bass player dies in an accident. The group is disbands.


1977: He starts his solo career with his first single «Ca plane pour moi». With his musicians, he tours in Canada, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Scandinavia... all over Europe and the United states where his is one of the very few French speaking artist to appear in the billboard chart.

He performs in all the major television shows, and moreover, he is the presenter of the shows: «Jackpot» TF1,«Destination Noël» France 2, «Due per tutti» RAI2, and «Supercool» RTBF which he produces as well.

Between 1982 and 1985, he lives in Milan, and millions of Italians followed his adventures in a photo-story in which he is the star. With Frida, the brunette singer of the ABBA band, and with Daniel Balavoine, he records «Abbacadabra», a musical tale for children. At the beginning of the 80s, he appears in movies such as «Légitime violence» directed by Serge Leroy, starring Thierry Lhermitte and Claude Brasseur. He’ll later play in Thierry Dory’s short movie «Baoum». With Vladimir Cosma, he writes a few film soundtracks such as «Astérix et la surprise de César».

Then, he decides to explore other facet of the music world and dedicates himself more to writing and producing, but find the time to create a very personal album «Suite Diagonale» recorded for Sony in 1994 with Jacques Lanzmann. With «MMD», the company he forms with Pierrette Broodthaers, he produces David Janssen’s two album, a classical music of Turkish contemporary influence for harpsichord and organ with Leila Pinar, a world music album with the Kazansky choir who performs ancient music of the Balkans, and in a completely different genre, he produces a single for the «Entarteur» Noël Godin : «Chantilly c’est parti».


A new decade opens up: about 20 years after «Ca plane pour moi», Plastic Bertrand made his return and things are going fast. MTV, the English Channel, acclaims him as the «most wanted comeback» artist. He is guest star in the album «Get ready!» and record «Stop ou encore» once again.This album rapidly became a platinum disc in Belgium.

His biggest hits are remasterised and released in 1998 in a long awaited «best of» album. (Universal-AMC) Plastic does the remastering job himself to make sure they have the initial energy. He is guest in all major European TV shows.

Even with this heavy schedule, he is getting involved with Pierrette Broodthaers in a new adventure: the creation of an art gallery «Broodthaers & Bertrand». Their will work with the Museum of contemporary art in Valenciennes, to the achievement of 120 Plastic’s portraits according to Andy Warhol style, conceived by the Belgian artist Jacques Charlier, and completed with the help of the student of the academy of Valenciennes. Plastic Bertrand is the presenter of a fortnightly TV show «Duel» at the RTBF for two seasons. A great audience success!


Plastic Bertrand goes on tour in Belgium, France and Switzerland and again in Germany for a new series of concert. He composes and writes new songs. In the same years, he participates for several times at «Eurotrash» on Channel 4, and is guest at the famous BBC2 show «Clarckson».

In 2002, he signs a new contract and goes in studio to record his 8th album «Ultra terrestre», released in Belgium in 2002. From September to November, he is the manager of the «Star Academy» contest show on RTL-TVI, of which the grande-finale will take place the 15th of November at «Forest National» in Brussels in front a large and well conquered audience.

In March 2003, he celebrates 25 years of never ending success by creating a huge event-concert at the “Cirque Royal” in Brussels. With a philharmonic orchestra, he performs new songs and greatest hits, surprising the audience with their new arrangements. Some songs are performs in duet with specials guests, such as «the platters» who sing «Hulla Hop» with Plastic.

From July to September, he presents the TV show «Hit story» every evening on France 3, a brand new musical show produced by Jean Luc Delarue. In October, he plays in «Casablanca driver» directed by Maurice Barthélémy (from the «Robin des Bois» group).

In 2004, Plastic goes back in tour in Quebec. He is guest in one of the greatest television show. In the «Bal en blanc» electronic music festival, he performs an exceptional concert together with Poxy, Stefie Shock and DJ Frigid, emblematic figure of the underground scene, with whom he records «Machine!». The concert in Montreal is very soon considered as legendary! Releasing in Quebec of «Kink !», a best of album with the Plastic/DJ Frigid duo as leading title.

2005, King Albert II of Belgium, very officially honours him «Chevalier de l’ordre de la Couronne».

In September, the album «Ultra Terrestre» is released in France. Plastic is guests in all major TV shows, with a particularly well noticed appearance at the Thierry Ardisson’s show at France 2.

His duet «Machine!» with DJ Frigid is released again in Quebec. It is remixed by three famous DJ: Echo Kitty, Sean Kosa and Matteo Murphy.

TF1 asks him to be part of the TV show «La ferme célébrité 2». Plastic accepts and against all odds, supported by a huge audience, he manages to stay there for 6 weeks bringing 60.000 € at the charity he chooses to represent: «Association pour handicapés, Perce Neige».

Back in Quebec, his career starts up again during the Francofolies with a concert at the Montreal’s Spectrum where he enjoys a tremendous success with the Poxy band.

In the summer, he tours in France and plays in Jean Pierre Mocky’s film «le Bénévole» starring Michel Serrault.

Belgium again, in September, he performs with a symphonic orchestra for the 175 anniversary of the country.

Gastronomic end of year, as he presents a culinary show «Voulez vous diner avec moi ?» for Betv.

_DSC9589 copie.jpg


Wonderful start of the year 2006 for Plastic, as Coca Cola chooses «Ca plane pour moi» for his advertising campaign in Asia.
All of a sudden, his songs became the number one French song in Asia. In March, Plastic is in Paris, at Bercy, for 3 exceptional concerts with the past 25 years’ best selling artists. Then, comes the shooting set of Olivier Monssens’ portrait «Plastic Bertrand court toujours», which will be broadcasted in October on Betv. In July, he gives an amazing concert with the Poxy, his Canadian musicians, at the Francofolies in Spa, and then tours again in Quebec.Prestigious tour, as he performs at the greatest festivals such as «Les Montgolfières» with an audience of 80.000. In June, same madness as he gives a concert at the “Memorial Van Damme” in the Brussels “stade Roi Baudoin” in front of a 50.000 persons audience.

At the first of November, an exceptional concert is being held in Brussels with all the major Belgium artists, mobilized against the extremist far-right political party, where Plastic made a stunning duo with Daan. The year ends in real beauty as Pepsi Cola decides to choose his title for an advertising campaign in America !

In the beginning of 2007, The « Hubble Bubble » album is released again in Japan on the very trash label “Nat records”. Plastic is working on his new album, which will be recorded in May and June with Xavier Caféine (ex-Poxy, the band who was performing with Plastic in his Canadian tour and in Spa’s Francofolies in July 2006). Plastic and Xavier are recording this album in Brussels, in the famous Studio Molière, the very same place where he had recorded his firsts albums. “Dandy Bandits” will be his ninth studio album.

In July, Plastic and his musicians will perform in France for 20 concerts, then in August, he will be touring throughout Australia, from Brisbane to Perth, and from Sydney (in the Olympic Stadium arena) to Melbourne. The success of the “Countdown spectacular tour” is ... spectacular !

Olivier Monssens’ film « Plastic is still running » is broadcasted on the RTBF in October with a great audience rating. Still with Olivier, Plastic will write his autobiography which is expected to be released, as his new album, in February 2008.

2008 is the year of Plastic’s great return in Italy. He’s guest at the legendary San Remo’s festival and RAI 1 hires him for their greatest television show “I megliori anni” in Roma. His autobiography “Ca plane...délires et des larmes” published by “les éditions du rocher” is released in all French speaking countries. Plastic goes from one tv-show to another as well as every major book fair to autograph his book. In February, he goes to Berlin to record a single (Ca plane pour moi/un homme responsable) with Boss Hoss, a nutty German band with whom he’ll perform at the Berlin’s arena in March.

Plastic signs a contract to present the “RTL Disco Show”, (an event gathering every major disco stars like Village People, Boney M, Patrick Hernandez...) and in May, he starts touring throughout France in every Zenith. As for promoting the event, he is notably invited by Michel Drucker as co- presenter of the tv show “Vivement dimanche”. Just before returning to France for a 20 dates tour in the south of the country with “la Marseillaise’s show”, he went to Toronto (with the Porn Flakes band) to celebrates Quebec city’s 400th anniversary. September is dedicated to the release of his 9th album “Dandy Bandit”. In November, Plastic is on stage with Daan for an amazing duo, recorded at the American Theatre in Brussels. At the end of the year, Plastic, together with Phil Collins, will host a show for the “Little DreamFoundation” in Geneva.

The year 2009 begins with the shooting of a film commissioned by Arte, « Plastic Bertrand has been kidnapped », directed by Chad Chenouga, staring Bruno Solo and Carole Richert. Then Plastic goes on with the rehearsals of the RTL DISCO SHOW 2, which, for a second term, tours in every Zenith in France from May on. In June, Plastic creates the “Pink Show” (a new stage arrangement) for a six days open air tour in Belgium with the RTBF (Belgian Television) At the end of the month, he goes to Quebec where he performs at the Quebec festival on the “plaines d’Abraham” in front of a 100.000 people audience with the “Lost Fingers”. He records a track on their last cd “Rendez-vous rose” and wins another Gold Record. (the 16th !) . Back home, not time to rest, as he tours in France all summer long. In October, he records a duo with Alec Mansion, “4 love”, for Leopold Nord’s album “Leopold Nord et Eux”. Plastic ends this year with a concert at the Brussels’ mythical “Forest National” and another charity concert at the “Palais des Congrès” in Montreal.

January 2010 Plastic goes to Canada for an exceptional concert in Vancouver for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. Soon after, he’s back on stage for a DJ set which will end with a nutty duo with the group “Misteur Valere”. Back in Europe, Plastic is working on a new cosmetic products line “Pogo Pogo” of which he is the inspirer.

A new project is bringing him in Marseille to record an EP-concept with the “Young Assassins”, where he is revisiting Americans great standards. Summer time will see numbers of concerts in France, Belgium and Switzerland. In September, he will appear in the most famous French television shows, and more particularly in Naguy’s “Taratata”, with a fabulous duo with Philippe Katerine. The year will end with a triumphal concert at the famous Paris’ “Olympia”

2011-2015 ​

2011, Plastic goes on French tv (L’école des Fans, Sebastien...) then starts touring in Belgium for “les Restos du Coeur”before flying away for a live concert at Mauritius island. As usual in summer, he is touring in France. He’s back in September on French tv in “Jimmy” with Ardisson’s “Tout le monde en a parlé”. The end of year is dedicated to his new cd (the 10th studio album). 2012, After a few TV appearances, Plastic accepts to be a guest in the week long TV show “Un dîner presque parfait” broadcasted at the end of February on RTL/TVI and M6 in France. He’ll show us his culinary talents and his wonderful sense of humour. Thanks to the “Cherry Red Records” label, his first album “An 1” (1978) is released again in the USA. Releasing a CD, in French, in America is quite exceptional, but releasing it again, 34 years later, is really incredible!!! Early in May, he accepts a week long radio interview for a portrait directed by Jean Michel Zecca for Bel RTL. Then Plastic goes back on stage in Belgium for the “Restos du coeur” tour. The concert is recorded by the RTBF and will be broadcasted at the end of the year. During the summer, Plastic will be live on stage with various artists like Patrick Hernandez, Patrick Juvet... In November, Plastic is a model and is catwalking for the “Objectif O” association He wears Kris Van Assche’s creation for Dior Homme. Early December, for the benefit of the charity “Les restos du coeur”, he records the title “Notre liberté” together with famous artists like Pascal Obispo, Amel Bent, and many more... Plastic ends the year in Germany as the guest star of the New Year tv show.

2013, Plastic starts the year with an important appearance on France 2’s TV show « Les Années Bonheur ». After a few concerts in France and Corsica, he appears and supports various charities like “Les 5 Clochers, Naevus 2000 France, ...”. On the 20th of July, he is in Brussels at the “Bal Populaire”, a huge event highlighted by the presence of the King Albert II and Queen Paola as well as the future King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. In August, he tours in the south of France. He ends this tour with a private concert at the “Sporting” in Monte Carlo in the mythical “Salle des Etoiles”. In October, he is one of the artists chosen to perform on the TF1 tv show “sacrée soirée” tour, for the first time live on stage. After a television appearance in Switzerland, he goes to Montreal to perform in the “Radio Canada” end of the year show: “En direct de l’Univers” in a wonderful duet with the famous Quebec artist Jeanette Bertrand. 2013 ends with a great news: “Ca plane pour moi” has been chosen by Martin Scorsese to appear in the soundtrack of his latest film “The Wolf of Wall street” featuring Leonardo Di Caprio !

2014, Plastic joins the famous tour “Age tendre et tête de bois” as special guest for the latest dates of the show. In April, like every other year, he joins the “Restos du Coeur ‘artists” for three concerts in Belgium. After a few performances during the summer, Plastic starts his tour “Rendez-vous avec les stars” starring Nicoletta, Dave, Hughes Aufray, Petula Clark.... which will take him throughout France’s Zenith, as well as Belgium and Switzerland up to June 2015. In November, he went on stage to the Olympia to celebrate Patrick Sebastien’s 40 years’ career anniversary, live on France 2.

Spring 2015, Plastic continues his tour « Rendez-vous avec les stars ». His famous hit « Ca plane pour moi » is the lead song in the soundtrack of Michel Gondry’s film « Microbe et gasoil ». In June, he’ll be Quebec’ special guest for the National day in Montreal. He ‘ll then starts a tour in France till October.


February 2016, Plastic flies to New York and works on a project of an English spoken album.

During the summer, he performs in France as well as in Switzerland for an exceptional concert in the “Le Locle” festival. In September, he prepares himself for the “Stars 80” show with which he goes on tour from early November for more than 20 concerts.


Stars 80 is a tremendous success and is back in February 2017 for 60 additional concerts.

“Ça plane pour moi” appears in the original soundtrack of Guillaume Canet’s film “ Rock’n Roll ”.

Star 80 is such a phenomenal success, it will go on until December 2017 with an exceptional concert at the U Arena in Nanterre, broadcasted live on France 2 television.

It is not over yet! Stars 80 continues until April 2018.

During the summer, Plastic and Lio create, the “Top Pop Show”, a tribute to all the great pop hits. The show is selected to appear in Brussels, at the National Ball in front of 16.000 spectators including Belgium’s King and Queen.


Plastic is asked to perform in Canada in a major TV show starring the artist Hubert Lenoir, then he flies back to Europe for the rehearsal of the new Stars 80 show, very rock inspired where Plastic pays tribute to David Bowie with an astounding performance of “Jean Genie”!

The tour starts November 1st to end on December 22nd 2019 ! 


His famous black suit from the “An 1” cover, and his gold and platinum records are shown at the “Generation 80 experience” exhibition at Liège until May 2019.


In the 2019’s first three months, the Star 80 tour starts again throughout France. The tour is sold out in every Zenith ! In April, Plastic goes at Dan Lacksman‘s legendary Synsound studio to record its 10th album, directed by Alec Mansion


On May the 16th, the Star 80 show is at Paris’ Stade de France (50.000 seats !), then Plastic flies to Canada for 2 shows at the Videotron in Quebec. 


Back in Europe, Belgium, and more precisely Brussels, honours Plastic by giving the famous « ca plane pour moi » pink jacket to the equally famous Manneken Pis. The original jacket can be seen at the Musée de la mode in Brussels.


1st of June, « Star 80 » again at the Lyon Stadium (40.000 spectators). Mid-June, Plastic went to Ottawa for an exceptional show at the Franco-Ontarian festival. 


In July, Plastic is back in the recording studio before flying to Lebanon for an extraordinary Star 80 show in Beyrouth, then this memorable show ends at the Nimes arena.


In August and September, Plastic shares his time between recording sessions in studio and a few concerts.


From the end of October till the end of December, Plastic tours again for the « Star 80 » ‘s 26 last concerts. A tremendous triumph!

No Plastic – B Generation featuring Plastic Bertrand » is released in December. It is an anthem to a better world, in a new-beat mode ( the sound of the 80’s). Plastic creates his slogan « NO PLASTIC ONLY PLASTIC BERTRAND !


2020 is a very dark year due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Artists are forbidden to perform in concert until further notice.


Plastic committed himself to finish his album. In March, he records an unplugged version of « Tout petit la planète » at the profit of the nurses and hospital workers.

September is here as is the new album « l’expérience humaine ». This is also the title of the first single. He shoots a video clip and Pias releases the album on the 23rd of October.


Plastic records an English version of « the human experience »  and the single « I’ll be back again » is available on all music downloading websites.


Plastic starts the promotional work, and is seen everywhere ! The press acclaims his album with the greatest enthusiasm.


As the unplugged version of « tout petit la planète » is such a success, Plastic releases a electro version ot this hit, directed by Simon LeSaint (Stromae).


2020 will stay as a very difficult year for everyone, however, Plastic will manage to be heard everywhere thanks to the release of his 10th album.


Hubble Bubble


Hubble Bubble (Barclay, Belgique) Hubble Bubble (Warner, France)

Plastic Bertrand


An 1 (Vogue, France) (Le Petit Tortillard, Bambino, Naïf Song, Ça Plane pour moi, Sha la la la lee, Pognon Pognon, Dance Dance, Pogo Pogo...)
An 1 (Vogue, Canada)
An 1 (Sire, Grande-Bretagne)

Ça Plane pour moi (Sire, États-Unis)


J'te fais un plan (Vogue, France) (J'te fais un plan, Affection, Téléphone à Téléphone mon Bijou, Super cool, Tout petit la planète...)
J'te fais un plan (Vogue, Canada)


L'Album (Vogue, France) L'Album (Attic, Canada)


Plastiquez vos baffles (Vogue, France) Plastiquez vos baffles (Attic, Canada) Grands succès, Greatest Hits (Attic, Canada)


S'en aller de la terre (Carrère, France) Chat va (WEA, France)


Pix (Play That Beat, Belgique)


Suite Diagonale (Tristar, France)


Plastic Bertrand - Compilation (Universal, France) Hubble Bubble (Edition pirate)


Ultra Terrestre (RM Records, Belgique)


Ultra Terrestre (Sergent Major, France)


Dandy Bandit (MMD, Belgique)


Plastic Bertrand feat. The Young Assassins (MMD, Belgique) 


Hubble Bubble



New Promotion / You'll Be the One (Sinus Music, Belgique)

Plastic Bertrand


Pogo Pogo / Ça Plane pour moi (RKM, Belgique)
Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (Vogue, France)
Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (Hansa International, Allemagne) Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (CBS, Suède)


Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (Durium, Italie)
Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (RCA, Australie)
Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (Reflejo, Espagne)
Ça Plane pour moi / Cliche Cliche (Tonpress, Pologne)
Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (Sire, Grande-Bretagne)
Ça Plane pour moi / Pogo Pogo (Sire, États-Unis)
Bambino / Le Petit Tortillard (Vogue, France)
Bambino / Le Petit Tortillard (Hansa International, Allemagne) Super Cool / Affection (Vogue, France)
Sha la la la lee / Naïf Song (Vertigo, Grande-Bretagne)
C'est le Rock'n'Roll / Affection (Vertigo, Grande-Bretagne) Tout Petit la Planète / C'est le Rock'n'Roll (Vogue, France)


Tout Petit la Planète / J'te fais un plan / Hit 78 (Sire, Grande-Bretagne) Sentimentale moi / Ouais ouais ouais ouais (Vogue, France)
Le Monde est merveilleux / J'te fais un plan (Vogue, France)


Sans Amour / Plastic Boy (RKM, Belgique)
Téléphone à Téléphone mon Bijou / Stop ou encore (Vogue, France) Téléphone à Téléphone mon Bijou / Stop ou encore (Attic ATF, Canada) Téléphone à Téléphone mon Bijou / Kangourou Kangourou (CBS, Scandinavie)


Hula Hoop / Amoureux fou de toi (RKM, Belgique)
Jacques Cousteau / Paradis (RKM, Belgique)
La Star à l'école / Baby Doll / Coeur d'acier (RKM, Belgique)


L'Amour OK / New York / Stop ou encore - Duo avec Nathalie (RKM, Belgique)


Arrêt d'autobus / Mon nez, mon nez (RKM, Belgique) Chat / Fou des Fifties (RKM, Belgique)
Major Tom / Miss Italie (RKM, Belgique)
Gueule d'amour / Downtown (RKM, Belgique)


Astérix est là / Le Secret du druide (Carrère, France) - bande originale du film Astérix et la surprise de César


Je l'jure / La Fille du premier rang (Carrère, France) Let's Slow Again / Toujours plus haut (Carrère, France)


Amour amour / Amour amour (Surf, Belgique)


Démente à la menthe / Démente à la menthe (Disc'AZ., Belgique)


Slave to the Beat / Plastiiic Acid Mix (Double face A) (ARS, Belgique) Plastiiic Acid Mix / Slave to the Beat (Double face A) (Clever, Belgique) Plastiiic Acid Mix / Slave to the Beat (Double face A) (CBS, Allemagne) Slave to the Beat VDB mix (ARS, Belgique)


Sex Tabou (ARS, Belgique)


House Machine / Club Control featuring Plastic Bertrand (Indisc, Belgique)


Les Joueurs de Tchick Tchick (Tristar, France)


Playboy / Canapé (RM Records, Belgique)


Plasticubration / Tous, touchez-vous (RM Records, Belgique)


Machine / Remixes ( Kink ! Canada ) 



NO PLASTIC - B Generation feat. Plastic Bertrand

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